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Everything you need to know about not at fault smash repair claims

August 7, 2019
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Everything you need to know about not at fault smash repair claims
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Get your vehicle fixed after an accident

When you are involved in an accident, you'll want your car fixed as quickly as possible. But first, you have to detail with the insurance claim.

Once you have identified who is at fault and contacted your insurer, you can start this process and get back on the road quickly.

But it can be hard to know where to begin. Most of us have (thankfully) little experience in dealing with smash repairers. And it can be difficult to know what steps to take after an accident that was not your fault. We've outlined the basics in this article, so you can streamline the process.

Contact our team of experts at AANDI Lawyers today for a complimentary discussion about your rights and where you stand with your not at fault claim.

Contact a not at fault accident lawyer

In an accident where you're not at fault, there are quite a few things you need to do. These can be overwhelming. But, if you choose to work with one of our not at fault accident lawyers, we'll take care of the negotiation and correspondence with the other person/people involved.

  • A not at fault lawyer will take care of the negotiation and claim, which means you can focus all your attention on getting your car fixed
  • You do not have to pay anything out of pocket and your lawyer will correspond with the other party on your behalf

All you need to do? Complete an Authority to Act Form and a Claim Form. We take care of the rest.

Get quotes for repairs to your vehicle

So, what's the next step in getting your car fixed? Contact your preferred smash repairer in your area to obtain a quote.

  • Since you are the not at fault driver, you will be claiming the cost of repairs from the at fault driver
  • The at fault driver may be claiming through their insurance, or they may be paying the cost of repairs out of their own pocket

By gathering some quotes, you're getting the ball rolling and making sure you have someone lined up to fix your car. Once you have a quote you are happy with you can book your vehicle in to get fixed.

Organise a hire vehicle

Your car may take some time to be repaired. While you don't have your vehicle, you can arrange for a hire car for the duration of time it takes to get yours fixed.

  • Some smash repair companies will arrange a hire car for you, while others will require you to do this yourself.
  • Make sure you keep receipts as evidence of the cost of your hire car because you can include it in your claim

A hire car means you can get back on the road and won't be inconvenienced by the repairs to your vehicle.

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Take advantage of complimentary drop off/pick up services

Smash repair companies often provide a service where they'll collect you and/or drop you off to home or work after you have left your car with them. Just make sure you ask ahead of time so you can include this in your planning.

Get your car back in its pre-accident condition

Once your car has been repaired you will get a call letting you know you can collect it. As above, if you've found a company with a pick-up service, this will be easy. Alternately, you can use a share-car, taxi, or Uber to get your car. Always keep receipts so you can include them in your claim.

  • You'll get your car back in its pre-accident condition
  • If there are any issues, be sure to note anything that has not been repaired to your satisfaction and contact the smash repairs company immediately

Your car should look and operate exactly as it was prior to the accident taking place, so be sure to inspect it thoroughly and check the invoice from the mechanic.

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