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With complicated contracts, intense regulations and, often, multiple parties to appease, domestic and commercial building disputes can quickly turn into quagmires. AANDI Lawyers provides comprehensive legal services, including mediation, negotiation and litigation for all building industry members. 

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Building and Construction

Find justice with your dedicated building dispute lawyer

Whether you’re a property owner, contractor, architect, supplier or any other party, you deserve to have your rights respected and protected. We’ll make sure they are.

Get a fair result

As expert negotiators, we’ll aim for amicable resolutions to all disputes. But if litigation is necessary, we’ll handle that, too.

Expertise you can rely on

Our team have decades of collective experience resolving fraught disputes in the building and construction industries. We know what it takes to succeed.

Efficiency and dedication

Your dedicated case lawyer will offer straightforward counsel and actionable strategies, empowering you to make quick and effective decisions.

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How we handle building and construction disputes

Tell us about your dispute. Help us grasp the scope of the issue as well as its nuances. We’ll then establish the legal foundation of your case.
We’ll discern a set of strategies and next steps. Through counsel and collaboration, we’ll determine the best course of action.
Our building dispute lawyers will pursue your case with the relevant parties, usually through the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT).
We strive to deliver the best  outcome for your building and construction dispute resolution case, keeping you informed throughout.

Our industry-specialist lawyers can advise you on any issue

While Victorian construction regulations can be complicated, not all disputes arise from interpretive disagreements. Whether you’re seeking payment from an uncooperative building owner, demanding sub-contractors keep to their agreements, or attempting to claim commercial or domestic building insurance, we’ll help you navigate towards a just outcome.

Domestic building dispute resolution

Industrial and commercial building dispute resolution

Breach of contract and defective work litigation

Insurance and warranty claim assessments

Legal representation before VCAT

Debt recovery assistance

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Our building and construction industry lawyers

We’ve handled hundreds of cases through VCAT, representing homeowners and clients in every field of the building industry.

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Our goal is your peace of mind

Built on experience

After decades in the field, there are few legal challenges we haven’t faced and overcome. We’ve helped commercial building owners, private homeowners, property developers and every other building practitioner find the justice they deserve. 

Experienced team

Fast and efficient

A construction dispute lawyer with experience can get you a resolution sooner. We can identify the merits of your case, evaluate the probability of success, and promptly provide effective legal advice.

We are efficient in everything we do because we know your time is valuable. We know our way around the building industry and, if it's the best option, will take effective action in the VCAT.

Efficient lawyer team

Clear communication

One of the most important legal services we provide is translation. Construction industry law is complex and governed by countless legislated acts with decades of nuanced interpretations. It’s also mired in legal jargon that can confuse and conceal your legal options.

We will make sure you understand the relevant points of your case and give you clear, direct advice.


Accessible legal advice is your right

We provide a free consultation for all new clients. We will get an understanding of your dispute so we can give you advice on your options. You can find out where you stand before having to pay anything.


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Frequently asked questions

Who can make a building and construction claim?

The owner and contractor (builder) can both make claims because they are the parties to the building contract.

Claims can be brought against architects, subcontractors, suppliers of building materials, and other parties relevant to the contract.

What types of disputes do you cover in claims?

For owners, we cover claims for any breach of the residential or domestic building contract. This includes when the owner has employed a contractor who has delivered work with design and/or construction defects. Additionally, we can help owners in claims against contractors who have not completed their role in the building project, or who have been slow to complete the work.

For builders, we cover claims for breach of contract, variations to the works or contract price, late payments, and disputes about the interpretation of the building contract.

For disputes between head contractors and subcontractors, we cover claims about payment, poor quality, quality issues with the material the subcontractor has used, and non-payment or retention of any money and the retention not being paid.

We are able to provide legal counsel for both domestic building disputes and residential building disputes.

Do you review building contracts?

Commercial and domestic building work contracts can be complex, and it isn't always apparent when there has been a breach or when it is time to pursue commercial litigation over construction projects. We review building contracts when there is a dispute. Typically, this is after the agreement has been made. In general, we do not review building contracts before they are signed. If, however, you have a disagreement about a breach of building and construction law, or outstanding payment claims in relation to building and construction, we can review your contract to see whether you have a case.

Can builders or subcontractors claim an owner?

Yes, builders can make a claim against an owner for a variety of reasons. For example, if there are late payments or disputes about how a building contract is to be interpreted, the builders can claim the owner. Subcontractors can also make a claim against an owner to a limited extent. Usually, though, a subcontractor would make a claim against a head contractor.

How do you prove a building has defects?

Australian consumer law provides guarantees in relation to the quality of renovation services. There is a minimum standard of work, and if it is poorly done or unsafe, it might be categorised as defective under the law. However, simply alleging building defects is not enough to establish it as a fact.

We engage building experts to assess the defects and provide a report on the severity of the faults and how they fail to comply with Australian Standards. These experts' reports can then be used as evidence to bolster your case.

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