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Commercial litigation lawyers

We handle commercial litigation matters across Melbourne and Australia

Commercial litigation

Commercial litigation services

We are commercial litigation experts

Our team of lawyers specialise in commercial litigation services for a range of different areas of law. We handle hundreds of legal disputes every year, including court proceedings, mediation, and before the court. We have the experience to handle your case effectively and efficiently.

Expert advice and flexible pricing

We provide free consultations and tailored, flexible pricing to suit your case.

Understand your position

We provide honest, straightforward advice so you always know where you stand.

Get your dispute resolved sooner

We have efficient processes and we work hard to ensure your case is resolved quickly.

Talk to an expert commercial litigation lawyer about your case.

How we resolve disputes

Tell us about your commercial litigation matter.
We will review your case and advise you on your options.
Choose the best commercial litigation services for your case.
We will pursue the appropriate legal action right through to the final outcome.

How commercial litigation matters can be resolved

Talk it out

The people in a commercial litigation matter communicate directly, either through speaking or in writing. The aim is to reach an agreement, or settle on a method for how to proceed with the dispute.

Experienced team

Get a third party involved

An impartial third party, a mediator, helps people in a legal dispute negotiate with one another. It's often used when people have obvious conflicts with each other.

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Mediation for groups

This is a common dispute resolution method for groups of two or more people. Facilitation is the best way to ensure each group has a voice and is heard before reaching an agreement. It's led by a third party facilitator.


Hire a professional to help

A third party with experience in legal matters assists in the dispute. The conciliator can give both parties sound litigation and dispute resolution advice. This method is often employed for equal opportunity disputes.


Present the case to a third party

Both parties in the dispute present their cases to an independent third person and are bound by the decision this third party makes. This method is most often used for industrial relations disputes, or contractual disputes between businesses.

Arbitration meeting

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Frequently asked questions

How does commercial litigation work?

Every case is different, so it's always best to get specific advice from a dispute resolution lawyer who knows the details of your case.

Generally speaking, commercial litigation involves two parties with a legal dispute trying to come to an agreement without going to court. At AANDI Lawyers, we will guide you through the finer details of this process to ensure your interests are protected.

Is mediation legally binding?

Yes, once both parties have agreed on a settlement and signed the agreement, it becomes legally binding just like any other contract. Since both parties make the agreement voluntarily, it's also likely that both parties will uphold their part of the agreement.

How long does commercial litigation take?

This depends on the details of your case, including how cooperative the other party is. We will help you choose the best course of action for your case and proceed with dispute resolution as quickly as possible.

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